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Last summer, we invited you for the first time to gather at Unsere liebe Frau im Walde in the mountains of South Tyrol, in order to put our daring project “Sinstruct” into action. With the help of many volunteers, creative artists from various fields and lots of open minded visitors, the festival became a magical happening, composed of both auditive and visual impressions: electronic tones, acoustic jam sessions, human as well as bird vocals, views of green forests and meadows infront of snow capped mountains, an endlessly long seeming, twisting cave, a starlit sky at night, dynamics like a skinny man unrelentingly digging a hole into loamy ground, a dancing paddling pool among a dancing crowd, self tinkered kites climbing the air, ...

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what is sinstruct?

SINSTRUCT. Festi Val di Non Sens. Ein Festival der Art art. aims to give young artists the possibility to come together, communicate and present their art to an open minded audience. Sinstruct unites diverse cultural backgrounds with music, visual arts, video, poetry and other forms of artistic expressions.

Here the special interest consists in exchanging ideas and crossing boarders: On the one hand divided art categories shall be animated to interact and interfuse. On the other hand the visitors shall be encouraged to step out of their passive role in order to become an active, participating influence to the artistic happening. Furthermore we want to create an artistic platform without the constraints of contact based selection and participation. It is all about quality and sustainability of expression and the playful dialogue between nature and art.

‘Sinstruct’ is meant as the opposite of ‘construct’ and therefore literally denotes “without structure”. As a concept it doesn’t only look for negation by trying to break with existing structures, but also questions the sense and the function of those structures.

This very generally framed thought obtains concretion for the festival by relating it to art: In which structures art is embedded and which are its functions in this connection? Is art able/ should art/ does art want to free itself from these structures? Which structure is required to let art appear as art? How does art structure itself?

In this spirit any kind of artistic contribution to the festival finds its expression. From conceptual DJ sets mixed with lectures to workshops about ‘Butoh’, a formless dance theatre technique from Japan, nothing is squeezed into fixed frameworks but interacting with both participants and ambience. Enthousiasm for art, examination of themes as well as dancing and having a great time are the values of Sinstruct which guide you through the manifold program via roots of comtemporary music, moving performance and active involvement.


The place

The festival takes place in Val di Non, close to the little community Unsere liebe Frau im Walde, South Tyrol. Since german and italian speaking territories converge here, it is an intercultural space. The Festival site consists of several areas and spots where installations, concerts, performances and visual exhibitions will take place. Everything happens at the altitude of 1500m between mystic woods and flowery meadows, in the middle of forest glades, an abandoned cave, a bunker and a tunnel gallery under the ground. Some spots are hidden and challenging to discover, others are used for singular happenings on the side of paths as well as on treetops or mountain peaks. Altogether, the festival will be a voyage through nature and culture, artfully put together with tactfulness and sense of localitiy. This kind of respect for the surrounding area, nature and its inhabitants we also expect from every visitor and participant who stays with us in this tiny, common universe we will create alltogether.


this years topic

In order to have a thread running through the program, every year a theme will be developed, which, due to its openness, allows multiple perspectives and approaches.

2013 we are moved by “MOTION”. Everything non-stationary moves. Physically, motion is defined as a solid, changing its place relative to time, within a frame of reference. Abstracting space, motion can alter to emotion. Socially, a group of people, that actively strives for a shift or purpose is called a movement. Vivid organisms move on their own terms. Even though or precisely because art naturally contains motion too, it is worth reflecting about the relation between each other. Film, dance and theatre obviously include motion as well as music does. As a course of motions it is deriving from melodies, sequencens one after another which in its origins are nothing else than moving air.

Alike the artwork’s intrsinsic movement, the movement of the beholder matters: Change of perspective leads to change of the artwork itself. Constantly shifting, due to varying contextualisation, there’s also movement on a higher level of abstraction. This particular layer especially effects written art or typography. Last but not least a sculpture’s plasticity can only be perceived by a moving observer.



  • On+Brr
  • Kool Mister Dj
  • Shower Singers
  • Mooner
  • Circuit Diagram
  • GTA Hoffmann
  • Cher Monsieur
  • The Artificial Harbor
  • Karaba aka. Indigo Family
  • Jonas Friedlich
  • Loplop Laxfisch
  • Ivo Rick
  • Babette
  • Sep
  • Quentin
  • Asan
  • Angela Aux
  • Dancing Shaman
  • Brailleway & Christian Marchi
  • Mobiles Hilfswerk
  • James Beyond
  • Untitled MA-1
  • Alexandre Stetter
  • DOTS
  • Abigail & the Pleaser
  • Pop_X
  • Wandl
  • esclé
  • I Camillas
  • F#X
  • Autre
  • Bifiboy
  • Herzrauschen
  • KVSU
  • Peter Stangl
  • Patrick Rampelotto
  • Jan Schulte
  • Like Loonies
  • Anna Voyaka & Nastia Abramova
  • Jovana Reisinger
  • Veloziped
  • Selina Friedmann
  • Ilmajaam
  • Mika Schwarz
  • Miriam Schwendt
  • Johanna Kunze

Brailleway & Christian MarchiArt, Installation Brailleway and Christian Marchi met in 2011. They are sharing their personal research paths throughthe encounter of two different actions, two practices – the sound and the picture. During this researchprocess common issues are resounding. Questions about space, time and the origin.


Altavoz, Venice
After several years spent in the field of instrumental music studying drum, charmed by the research of sounds and animated by the desire of fascinating the dance floor with his music, he starts approaching to this new horizon. His never ending research brings him to explore every field of music and so he can create his own and personal style through the years. He produces combining all the elements of his musical background with a deep-house stuff giving life to a new and original concept. Bound to his drummer roots he approaches crowd with groovy live sets made up by using his drum machines and synths that move people from smooth and mellow sounds to harder ones and as he tells you a story, he takes you on a never felt before journey.


Angela AuxBand
International Bohemia, Panama Plus
Angela Aux is a bird on a wire. In future days he could have been a sailor either/or a cook. Mainly he's up for folk, krautrock and experimental music, somewhere among parties all tomorrows never got to know. When the ship comes around he'll be counting speech bubbles while taking tiger mountains peasant.


Cher MonsieurDJ
Hailing out of Southtyrol this guy with a chicken head is playing music from all over the world - nepal to turkey, ghana to mali, napoli to paris and bangkok to bogota. he calls it 'lovely music for lovely people'.

At Sinstruct he will play a special "Africanism" set, going from rural Mail and Senegal to popular Highlife music from the 70ties to afrobeat.


Circuit DiagramBand
Golden Pudel, Hamburg
Hamburg-based duo Circuit Diagram brings you a harmonious mix of krautrock, post-rock and loose-limbed techno, with touches of Cobblestone Jazz to boot. A winning mix of "cellphone from sahara"-like chant with swinging, organic rhythms and sweeter modular synth curves progressing with the vision of a classic Villalobos, but sounding more like Can gone to modern day Africa.


Dancing ShamanShamanic dance workshop
Vinzez Lüps
In my work shamanism meets post-post-modernity and integral philosophy. I am a dancer, a peace-activist, and spiritual healer. I am on a shamanic initiation-path guided by a Navajo-Medicine-Man. I also went through a school for healing-arts and I studied Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation at the University of Innsbruck/Austria (Master - UNESCO-Chair)

Life is transformation. Life is a constant dance and it never stops. We dance our energy and we become this energy, we dance a tree and we become the tree, we dance a picture and we are the picture, we dance love and we are love. In my Butoh-workshops we develop authenticity and sensibility of what happens inside ourself. We dance what we discover and we transform it into free movement, into free energy. We dance our unique and intimate energy by giving it form and direction. Its magic and so we are magic.


LaGrind Noire
A fancy field trip with soundscaper duo KNRRZ? Meet KNRRZ in the morning for field recording excursion. In the afternoon, all recordings will be transferred to laptop computers and edited/manipulated with Ableton Live in order to create an improvised soundscape. Participants can contribute to an open session at any time, as they wish. All instruments are allowed. The artists are available for questions all day and will provide some theoretical knowledge about musique concrète and improvisation.


On+ BrrBand
Kraniche bei den Elbbrücken
On+Brr aka the Russian and the Bee Master duo. Philipp Meier`s locomotive, raw synthie-sounds and drum loops unite with Rodion Levin's basso-heavy Perestroika Canto.The Bee Master conducts his buzzing tones through the airwaves beyond space and back to an occidental atmosphere, while the Russian with his absurd poetry and idiosyncratic word choice declutters German grammar. Together they create a superbly apolkalyptical DaDa-Noise-Opera.


GTA HoffmannBand
Jazz & Milk Records
Berlin, Munich, Leipzig
GTA Hoffmann sips out of your ear, sways your hips and bypasses the vessels of your awareness, 120 times per minute. Three musicians, experienced in diverse and manifold musical areas, play their own and unique creation of live dance music.

Beni Brachtel, aka Bartellow (guitar), Lukas Rabe (keys) and Gabriel Hahn (drums) operate their instruments as armatures of turning knobs, sliders and effect pedals and pave their way through earthy R'n'B grooves, wooden house and analogue elevator-minimalism. As improvisers and composers they love to play with shapes, moods and all types of sounds. The result is pure energy, which inspires deep listening, immersion and dancing.

What appears to be an artificially produced electronica record is in fact the live sound of a trio, which levitates through space and time - far away from any musical categorization - while sonically complementing and reorganizing earthly pulse.


A handful of humans and machines generating something like psychedelic instrumental music. thereby the dots themselves may just fill the gap between cheesy ambient and bleak slowtechno. maybe you have to cut out the applause to really get where their points are?


Karaba aka. Indigo FamilyBand
A formation founded on earth. Redefining psychedelic music by taking the Kraut back into Rock.Enjoy Spaced out cosmonautic composings from beyond the asteroid belt of the planet Ixion, but try to land on your feet afterwards!


Like LooniesBand
Like Loonies is a Munich based band playing since 2008 in changing formations. Todays constellation existing of singer Nalan Karacagil, basist Hisashi Yamamoto, drummer Andrea Paperina, pianist Joannah Meggersee, guitarists Elias Osiander and Johannes Korsche consists since half a year. These six musicians create a sound which is coined at one hand by atmospheric piano tunes or guitarriffs, and on the other hand by stirring drumbeats, playful bass-lines which enchant the listener. Above all these instrumental waves the voice floats and makes each song to something extraordinary. You can hear some influences of Warpaint, Radiohead or similar bands, some way or other you will enjoy it.


Shower SingersBand
Gypsy reggae from Bolzano. The 5-piece band, born in 2013, joins jazz and rocksteady influences, from Django to Dandy Livingstone, creating a unique sound made of saxophones, guitars and vocal harmonies. The Shower Singers offer a mix of original compositions and folk/rock classics from the past, rearranged in their own peculiar style.


I CamillasBand
I Camillas is a duo from Pesaro, they smash songs up and down and up and left and right. They drop out the stages to look for you. They recentely made a brand new album called "Costa Brava" to face the songs before the final challenge.They lost the dare but they laughed a lot.
Ciao Amore.


The Artificial HarborBand
From living room session to a performance at the Donauinselfest (Fm4-stage 2011): the members of The Artificial Harbor, resident in Vienna, know how to delight their audience. Since their formation in 2010, the young band moves between Indie and Folk on a high level. This energetic mixture invites to dance, especially during live performances. Now there prevails a sense of new beginning in the band’s sunny neo-hippie-land. Dark clouds have gathered, bringing psychedelic and mystic elements to the music along with polyphonic singing.
The self-produced debut Greenfields (EP 2012) with the same-named title song is the forerunner of what is yet to come on the new path the band has decided to go. At the moment the five friends are working on new songs and recordings in preparation for their 2013 Summer, Yo! -Tour.


Loplop LaxfischBand
Loplop Laxfisch are a product of living in Munich. Made up of a drum machine, sampler, electric guitar, bass and synthesizer, as well as three singing music workers, they fabricate a rhythmic sound, that should push you to get your shit done. Loplop Laxfisch experience and deliver tightness and the occasional relief.


AsanLive act & DJ
Borneo Records, London
Originally from the south of England but searching for his home planet. Asan has been exploring sound and construction from secreted signals left scatted in space, He's fuelled by the cosmos luna playing fields. expect the unexpected, a leep threw portals in space and time, pushing Elevation as far as he can Armed with Analog gear you can expect a far out twisted set of deep Acidic mind jive! live and off the cuff.


BifiBoyLive act
BifiBoy is a SpaceHopper from Berlin. His electronic nested rhythms and moving harmonies create a psychedelic sound carpet. Exceptionally structured tracks that break expectations and make you wander, while holding a stick with da honey.


WandlLive act
Men in Space
"The 18-year-old artist Wandl is the hidden secret of the vital viennese electro scene. At his live performances he combines his soul-inspired vocals with abstract HipHop beats and Chill-Wave-Soundscapes, supported by the visualist ceen*."


Men in Space
Phatman speakin' on his work:
"My work explores the relationship between emerging sexualities and urban spaces. With influences as diverse as Kafka and Joni Mitchell, new combinations are generated from both simple and complex narratives.

Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by the endless oscillation of the mind. What starts out as hope soon becomes manipulated into a manifesto of defeat, leaving only a sense of dread and the prospect of a new reality.


La Grind Noire
ZOLF & SATURN (live electronics, voice looping, turkish baglama & telecaster). An artist who dwells in between narrow mountain valleys and wide, sweeping vistas, somewhere between electronic soundscapes, Turkish affairs and looped vocal chords.


La Grind Noire
More info coming soon!


Circuit Bending
Kurodama and ubumaic are two experimental electronic and electroacoustic musicians. they mix electronically enhanced acoustic instruments, field recordings, circuit bending and synthetic sounds. their musical research covers the wide field between baroque counterpoint techniques and electronic noise, focusing on technical objects and sounds created through means of destructive synthesis.


Abigail & the PleaserExperimental
Abigail & the Pleaser is a electronic dance duo based in Leipzig. The idea is to combine influences from both musicians and to experiment within the boundaries of modern electronic music. Together they can be seen Live soon, reduced to a mostly analog setup.


Kool Mister DjDJ
Lectric Tango, Sinstruct
After exploring danceable rap in the late 90s followed by breakdance related electro and funk and everything that made me curious i got stuck in the dungeons of obscure discoide dance music of the vintage kind and any genres. Weired grooving and sometimes ironic.


Jan SchulteDJ
Salon des Amateurs
Jan Schulte is a discjockey, producer, dancer and record enthusiast from Düsseldorf, Germany. Being resident at the infamous “Salon des Amateurs”, and musical host of far out experimental single-club parties he formed his percussive and enthusiastic way to bring ritual flow to the dancefloor.


Sunday Best
Vinyl collector and DJ. Grown up with the cosmic mixtapes, spent the golden 90ties in vienna. submerged into house and techno and found their roots with funk soul and disco. With some friends he hosts the relaxing Sunday Best events. Veloziped is formerly known as Technowalter and sure is a guru in this field, not many people with this knowledge around!


Since Quentin aka. Onkel Mo is not very good friend of any Computers, we decided to write the text for him. He´s simply one of the best Hiphop Djs we know. His sets combine very rare deep and atmospheric hiphop with human and political themes as well as a vibe that not often gets delivered at a club.

Freerotation Festival
Dj Ilmajaam is a one man output combining eclectic approach and mixing skills, which are set to create a constant flow of various music, in which genres are irrelevant and only quality prevails. With over 12 years of DJing in various countries, his one of most recent activities was to run non-profit organization (more like a family with a few devoted people) KRILL, which has held many events in Tallinn and around Estonia and culminated in the great festival in summer 2011 with artists like Move D, Juju&Jordash, Oliver Hacke, Anders Ilar to name a few. Worth to mention is his residency at the annual Freerotation festival (without a doubt one of the best festivals for house and techno and electronic music in the whole wide world www.freerotation.com).


Nacht, Sinstruct Festival
Music itself is a subject that is constantly evolving from uncountable influences. In order to understand the history, emotions and structures of certain periods and their musical output, esclé decided to go on a seemingly never ending journey. Mostly based on analogue and band produced music his range varies from psychedelic rock, early electronics to jazz, disco and techno. Every set you will hear is inimitable, different in the way he plays it, different in the way you will feel it and different in the style of music you will hear.


Jonas FriedlichDJ
Nacht, Kiesbettmusik
In his first life Jonas is studying Art Education with a focus on new media at the academy of fine arts Munich. amongst other events he tries to salt Munichs culture-life through KIESBETTMUSIK or NACHT with diverse perspectives. While he shares his views on everything that is located around 120 bpm once a month at HARRY KLEIN club supporting headliners or hosting vinyl-only thursdays, he will now show his weakness for futuristic hip hop or something like that to Unsere Liebe Frau Im Walde.


Zombo Combo, Munich
Mooner stepped into the limelight as part of Zombie Nation, whose 1999 smash hit 'Kernkraft 400' was signed to DJ Hell's Gigolo label and earned worldwide chart success. As one of the most knowledgeable experts in obscure vintage electronic music, Mooner however decided to do things a little less obvious from that point on: He left Zombie Nation and founded Erkrankung durch Musique, a label dedicated to releasing left-field electronica, from techno to experimental pop, old and new.

He also a highly regarded DJ, known for his unmatched record collection and bootleg edits, such as his „Girls Girls Girls“ Ep that combined great 80s girl bands as extented edits, or „Greatest Hits“, an hommage to dance – orientaed Rock music.

Mooner just finished his fourth chapter of „Elaste“, a compilation series for Compost Records that started the Cosmic Disco hype.


Peter StanglDJ
Nacht, Sinstruct Festival

James BeyondDJ
Nacht, Sinstruct Festival
It happened in 2005. James Beyonds attraction to music, adventures and people led him to nightly excursions and places where all of it comes together. Several inspiring encounters, versatile impressions and long sweaty nights in mostly munichs and berlins electronical music institutions inflamed his fascination of creating vivid expressions to support these elements among themselves. DJing began, a well-sorted record collection from 80ies jack beats, acid house, cold wave to techno grew and its content gets pleached together by James to...


If you need a helping hand, he is the guy you can trust. Josef Hafner aka Sep, is a passionated and enthusiastic Vinyl collector from South Tirol. A Men from the first hour of electro especially from detroit and dutch.

Welle Ultra, Golden Pudel
He is the electronic part of "Circuit Diagram", running the series "Welle Ultra" in Hamburg-based Golden Pudel Club. Alongside Helena Hauff he forms the experimental duo "Black Sites", with whom he soon drops out their first release on PAN Records.


Patrick RampelottoDJ
Zirkus Maximus

Mika SchwarzArt
Born in 1986, Austria. From 2005 to 2009 she has been studying Theories of Theater at University of Vienna. In 2009 she graduated at Institut for Mediamanagement and Science, section photography. Since then Mika is working as a freelancer and has been the assistant of austrian photographer Paul Kranzler. Currently she is studying at Acadmey of Visual Arts, Leipzig, in the class of Peter Piller, for contemporary photography.

Inside SoulPerformance
Vinzenz Lüps, Hersching
I see collective soul as the collective heart. When I dance, I connect with our heart and I become this energy of love. I also work with the term Christ, it allows me to heal and rediscover Christ beyond religion and behind tradition. In the shamanic tradition that I practice we are trained to ecstatic and highly energetic vibrations. By letting go of everything possible I dive into elevated states of consciousness that move my soul and my body. For me dancing is pure transformation, prayer, mediation and therefor it is pure alchemy.


Ivo RickArt
Ivo Rick studies at the academy of fine arts Munich in the class of Olaf Metzel since 2010. Currently his work deals with subjectivity of human perception and its mechanisms. His chosen media varies with the needs of the specific project and moves in the range of screenprinting, collage, painting, language, sound, video and installation.

At Sinstruct festival he will create a space in collaboration with other artists that serves as a platform for performances, lectures, readings, filmscreenings and various workshops.


Pop_XArt The project got its start in 2004 when davide and walter met working as extra in the Mozart opera "Don Giovanni". They started writing songs together and then they started thinking about the performative aspect of them. In the meanwhile other people got spontaneously involved.


Selina FriedmannArt Selina is a Karlsruhe based fasion designer, illustrator, sculpture & installation artist. For this years Sinstruct Festival, she´ll create sculptures which embody her very own illustrative world as well as the surrounding nature and theme.


Untitled MA-1Nadja Pugneth, Elisa Bergmann & Nora Pider
Nadja and Elisa share a widely artistic approach towards fashion. They take materials and forms out of their original context in order to gain new definitions and artistic languages. Action and interaction are not only essential in the process but also in the execution of a project. This is where they come across Nora, working in national and international productions in all fields of performing arts. Together they give access to fashion which main function is not to dress but to rather communicate.


Yoga Flow Beginners WorkshopDaniela Schilcher Practice yoga as a form of meditation in motion. We will learn the breathing technique ‘Ujaii breath’ and traditional yoga postures like the cobra, the warrior or the tree. The different postures are then put together into a flowing choreography – with your breath guiding your movement.

I’ve lived in Asia for several years where I started to practice yoga and meditation. Having learned yoga from many great teachers in Thailand and India, I now teach in studios in Munich and sometimes in Thailand. You can join this workshop even if you have never practiced yoga before, and don’t worry if you think you are not flexible! All you need to bring is an open mind and a yoga mat (or a big towel).

The workshop has a limited value of participants, if you want to take part, please send an email to:


The in Munich living artist is currently a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Her Work especially focuses on concept art by designing a patient information leaflet to illustrate her friends' psychological history or by documenting personal stories. The perception of a child, of a schizophrenic or simply of different people are topics. Drawing and painting are her preferred modes of creative expression.
At Sinstruct you´ll see the moving pencil portrays the scene: a different form of a diary livedrawings.


Jovana ReisingerLiterature
j.r. is a girl whose world is structured by and through language. she loves words and wordplays, she teases them and expresses herself through them, she breathes them and never thinks without missing one of them. she is an author and art director who is not only obsessed with what she does, but has a lot of fun experimenting with all kinds of media which enable her to play on language and use all the words she consists of.


Anna Voyaka & Nastia AbramovaArt
The main direction in Anna Voyaka's work is illustration, Nastia specializes in design and videoart. They made a collaboration this summer to create and present a mystical story about one metamorphosis.

Anna and Nastia get inspiration from this time of a day on an edge of night and morning, when darkness gradually goes away and early morning fog appears in the air. You witness this mysterious event — the death of one day and the birth of another, all of this looks thrilling, affecting and reminds some kind of magical ritual. Girls are trying to involve environment in their work and capture viewer's attention on perfection of fairytales that nature gives.


Alice von AltenArt
Alice works exclusively on location, using only material available there. Originating from landscape design, she developed an explorating approach toward site-specific installtaion and land art. Combining influences from her specific background and strongly committed to working with elements industric to the respective space, she creates artwork that is both: Intervention and artistic addition.

Sektion: TexteMobiles Hilfswerk
“If you cry 'forward', you must without fail make plain in what direction to go”, Anton Chekhov said. For this young poets from Southtyrol, which meet regulary to slam and jam together, founded in heritage of the big master of shortstorys and humor, MH-texte, the mobile public social aid, section: texts! To encourage people: forward, shout out loud: what sucks, what rules, what rocks, what foooools!!!!!!

Alexandre StetterArt
Studying Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
Actually shooting at:
Photography and Materialism. Materialism and Mythology. Mythology and Pop. The backside of the C-Print. Mixed up and put together again in shape of an archaic vase. A modern amphora, vessel for projections. Or just for water.

Miriam SchwendtArt
Miriam studied Photography at the Academie of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf until 2011. She mainly works with black and white analog photography but also has an affinity for objects, installations and organizing events.
Together with Jan Schulte, Alexander Wissel and others, she organized the unique and always changing "single-Club" Partys in Düsseldorf in 2011 & 2012. As we think an ideal contribution to our project.


Johanna KunzeArt
In constant touch with personal experiences Johanna approaches, with media like video, photographie and writing, themes, that exhibit a personal basis or are developing by observational research. Interpersonal relationships plus levels of communication are explored by experiments and interactive installations.
Studying Art Education at AdBK munich since 2011.


How to get to Sinstruct?

You can travel to the Festival by public transportation, by car or by a provided shuttle starting in Munich. Travelling hours by car are approximately 4h from Munich, 3 1/2h from Milan, 2h from Verona and 1h from Bolzano.

As there is no parking ground directly at the festival site, you might consider parking your car at the nearby small towns Unsere Liebe Frau im Walde (10min), St. Felix (10min) or Lana (30min). From there you can reach the festival via public transportation or by feet.

The shuttle bus from Munich will give you a ride directly to Sinstruct on Thursday, 1st of August 10 am at ZOB and back to Munich on Sunday the 4th of August 5pm. See the link below.

Route (Maps)
Purchase Bus-Ticket


Useful information

The camping site is right next to the festival area. It is reachable by car but unfortunately it is not allowed to park your car or caravan there. Showers and toilets will be provided as well as dish washing stations. Please bring your own cutlery and think about own toilet paper and warm sleeping bags.

Two times a day self made meals will be offered; snacks, such as tramezzini, sandwiches, fruits and sweets are available throughout the whole festival. Therefore please remember to bring your own dishes as we don’t want to use oneway plates. You can also consider the supermarket at Lana or the guesthouse ‘Gampenpass’ next to the camping site.

The mentioned guesthouse also offers proper beds, coffee and breakfast in the morning. In order to reserve rooms follow the link below.

Besides, two bars will be arranged to serve you soft and alcoholic drinks. Own drinks are only allowed on the camping site. Please leave any glass bottles, dangerous items and drugs at home.

As we are in the mountains at 1500m altitude, don’t forget to bring adequate and weather-proof clothing. Even in August the nights can be very cold and the weather can change unexpectedly. In contrast also suncream could be useful.




Thank you very much for your support - we have enough helping hands now and are looking forward to see you soon in the mountains of South Tyrol!



To be guest at our lovely festival you can purchase ticket(s) here. Early bird tickets will be valid the whole festival time and are available from the 26th of june to the 4th of july. They price is 32€, so hurry up and get yours.

Normal pre-sale will start on the 5th, costs 36€ and are valid the whole festival time.

Day tickets cost 17 € and allow the entrance for one day until the following day 6 am.

The shuttle bus from Munich will give you a ride directly to Sinstruct on Thursday, 1st of August 10 am at ZOB and back to Munich on Sunday the 4th of August 5pm for 50€.



If you want to get in touch, have any questions or artworks to contribute, don't hesitate to send us an email.



See you there!